For Diwali 2018, we have donated our audiobook to Calibre Audio Library , which is a registered UK charity.


Calibre Audio Library improves the quality of life for people with sight problems or other disabilities, who cannot read, print by bringing them the pleasure of reading through a free nationwide postal service of recorded books.


“The story of the Ramayana is something I was previously unaware of but this version written and narrated by two brothers is engaging and accessible and brought the characters to life.  Their eloquent narration and passion for their project results in a compelling story which has a fairy tale quality about it and though it is written for children there is no reason why adults wouldn’t enjoy it too. We are delighted to have been able to add this book to Calibre’s Audio Library for our members to borrow and if you are unaware of the Ramayana then this would be a great introduction to the tale.” –  

Emma Scott

Head of Literature and Audio Book Production


We are immensely happy to be in a position to contribute our work to this wonderful charity.


We have been supporting the RNIB for many years. The support they provide to people with sight-loss is immense. We were delighted and privileged when the RNIB converted our audio version of the “Ramayana” into their “Talking Book”, a format whichworks for the visually impaired. The RNIB has converted the e-book into Braille! Our title “Ramayana – An Ancient Indian Epic” is available to purchase from their online shop.


We hope our books entertain members of the RNIB. All proceeds from the sales of the Talking Book and the Braille version will go to the RNIB.


Shreyas and Ayur were interviewed by Kim Normanton, a RNIB journalist. The interview was printed in the Spring 2017,

Issue 26 of RNIB’s magazine.

“A great version of the Diwali story for young people”

Reviewed By: Lynne Livingstone, RNIB Library on 16/11/2016

Ratings: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Format: Audio Download

The young authors have kindly given RNIB a copy of this wonderful version of the Diwali story to turn into braille, Giant print and Daisy Audio so that blind and partially-sighted children can enjoy it too. This is an great version of an epic story. It is aimed at children and perhaps because it was written by young people for young people it has a clarity of story without being patronising. The writers do a lovely job of voicing the characters and I really think that young people will enjoy the story being told to them by their peers instead of by an adult.
I would recommend it to any young person studying Diwali for school or who loves reading great mythic stories.


We are delighted to share that our Audio book, Ramayana – An Ancient Indian Epic, is available to borrow from Listening Books.

Listening Books is a UK charity providing a great selection of high quality audio books to people across the UK who have difficulty reading a book due to illness or disability. Their books provide a source of encouragement to people with learning difficulties. We hope our audio book entertains and engages their listeners.