We are delighted to announce that our title, Ramayana – An Ancient Indian Epic is available to purchase from a US based company – Tales2go.


“Tales2go is your partner in the fight for better literacy. Founded by committed entrepreneurs and former educators, the company believes that every student can achieve reading proficiency through repeated exposure to spoken sophisticated words. Many students lack such an exposure, which is the basis of vocabulary acquisition and retention. Word knowledge (i.e., vocabulary and fluency) is a key component of reading proficiency.”


You can buy our title by downloading Tales2go app.





Our Audio book – Ramayana: An Ancient Indian Epic – is now available on in-flight entertainment on BA long-haul flights!


We hope you tune into our audiobook during your journey, and enjoy the story, while being looked after by the excellent BA cabin crew.


BA has a very special place in my life. When I came to London for the first time to study at Imperial College in 1996, I flew BA. We were delighted when BA started direct flights from London to my hometown, Hyderabad. When we visit family, we fly BA. I am glad BA continues to be a key part of ourcreative journey too.


BA has a lovely advertisement featuring Hyderabad – check it out.